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Mission Statement

“JL Russell will deliver the highest level of debt recovery services by providing our clients with efficient service combined with the latest technology and innovations, while always adhering to professional and ethical standards.”  

Corporate Philosophy

Our firm’s focus in reducing our clients debt portfolios requires insight, tact and understanding.  It is this philosophy that makes us unique and separates us from our competition.

First and foremost, JLR's goal is to protect our clients' financial interest.  Second, we strive to bring a complete resolution to accounts that are detrimental to our clients' financial status.  

Finally, JLR will not recommend litigation just because a debtor will not pay their debt; our intent is to collect your money outside the legal system.  Therefore, our collectors are trained to make the debtor understand why they need to pay their debts in an expeditious and timely manner.  Litigation will only be necessary in the rarest of circumstances.

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